Jingdezhen Zhenshang Ceramics Co.,Ltd


Website: http://zhenshangceramic.com/

TEL: 13979898617

Email: 790368129@qq.com

Address: No.4,Mingfangyuan,Ceramic Industrial Park, Jingdezhen

If you want to see big pots being made in Jingdehzen, this is your place. The factory is open to visitors during normal business hours. 


Zhenshang isn't a residency, but its doors are open to artists with a budget. From small to large scale- specialized products can be commissioned upon request. 

Zhenshang is well known for working with International and Chinese artists to manufacture unique custom designed porcelain and clay at a large scale.

Artists can use the facility to paint and decorate large works and complete firings on site with company assistance.  Although more affordable production can be found in many small shops and studios throughout Jingdehzen; Zhenshang creates high-end work and dedicates itself to achieving results.