Sing Ying Ho


Sin-ying Ho currently divides her time between Queens, NY and Jingdezehn.  She is assistant professor in the Art Department of Queens College, City University of New York.  She has held a studio in Jingdezhen since 2011.


Her continuous on-site research in Jingdezhen has allowed her to create porcelain projects using the clays, underglaze, glazes and firing methods utilized for centuries at Jingdezhen.  Ho’s unique cultural background as a Chinese immigrant and her connection with Jingdezhen enable her to create ceramic sculptures using traditional Chinese firing techniques and materials, and infuse them within a contemporary sensibility. Her work reflects the international nature of her life experience and resonates with the complexity of contemporary global culture. Her artworks are known for their classical forms and their manipulation resulting in unique, new forms reminiscent of cubism and abstract expressionism.