International Jingpiao Artists 

Jingpiao is a nickname locally given to global artists whom work or are established in the historical city of

Takeshi Yasuda, Felicity Aylieff, and Xiong Baixu establish Redhous Studio in 2007

Ryan Matthew Mitchell 煤球

Founded Taoxichuan International Artist Program Studio in 2015, Artist and Curator in China Since 2007. Currently Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute International Artist Program Curator

Jeremy Vaughan

Established 5th Rice Studio in 2012

Ai Weiwei

Ai has done projects in Jingdezhen since 2008. He doesn't have a passort for China, but still manages to phone order in all kinds of projects.


Agnes Fries

Maintains independent studio since 2012 in Jingdezhen

Andrea Moon

Artist Residency Director for the Pottery Workshop


Liu Xi

Based in Shanghai and JIngdehen

Lin Wang

Based in Norway and Jingdezhen. Working in JDZ since 2009, maintains independent studio. 

Sin-Ying Ho

Based in Queens New York and Jingdezhen since 2011, maintains independent studio. 

Wan Li Ya 

Works in Qingdao and Jingdehzen  

Ryan LaBar

Co-Founder of LABARTZ Studio since 2016

Juz Kitson

Based in Sydney  and maintains a private studio in Jingdezhen since 2012

Julie Progin

and Jesse Mc Lin

The design duo is based in Hong Kong and maintains a studio in Jingdezhen since 2011 and has been working in Jingdezhen since 2007

Dryden Wells

Education Director for the Pottery Workshop

Adriaan Rees

As Artist in China since 2000, Adriaan maintains a private studio in Jingdezhen since 2006 and founded the Delft-Jingdezhen artists exchange program.

Thomas Feyrer

Working in JDZ since 2013, maintains independent studio

Daniel Carranza 

Based in New York; Argentine artist Carranza Working in JDZ since 2011, maintains independent studio. 

Robin Best

Australian artist based in Jingdezhen since 2010